Visual Artist

Subject: Trans- and Posthumanism, Portrait

Work in Progress

In my artworks I’m dealing with the human being, mainly as a painter: posthumanism and transhumanism, also portrait.

I’m working on two series: Posthuman Studies (a concept of philosophy) and Transhuman Entaglement (Transhumane Verstrickung)

In my Posthuman Studies I’m referring to the classic, in particular of some works by the painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. A new interpretation of the portrait of Mme. de Rothschild  in different ways, sometimes serious, sometimes funny.

In my Transhumane Verstrickung (I prefer the german version) I try to give a poetic version of the transhumanism. It’s a labour of bricolage, synthesizing posthumanism, cyberfeminism, materialist feminism, accelerationism, and so on.

And also in  my essays, published in German:

Das kleine Buch zum neuen Denken/Technik und Macht ist Evolution neu gedacht, ISBN 978-3-7460-5451-3

various articles for universities etc.

During the 1990s projects with the art historian and publicist Peter Weiermair

Art books:  Galerie Krinzinger Vienna: art books wwwgalerie-krinzinger-shop at / galerie-krinzinger-buch / Contributions to Hubert Schmalix, Manfred Lang, Ursula Krinzinger, Reimo Wukounig, Hannes Mienek, Tatjana Wirth (name during my first marriage)

Art books: Publications by Prof. Peter Weiermair (catalogs and articles for Art magazines)

Art funding, public and private purchases, Public purchases: Klocker Foundation / Tyrolean State Museum / Ferdinandeum Innsbruck City of Innsbruck