Visual Artist

Subject: Trans- and Posthumanism, Portrait

Work in Progress

In my artworks I’m dealing with the human being, mainly as a painter: posthumanism and transhumanism, also portrait.

I’m working on two series: Posthuman Studies (a concept of philosophy) and Transhuman Entaglement (Transhumane Verstrickung)

In my Posthuman Studies I’m referring to the classic, in particular of some works by the painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. A new interpretation of the portrait of Mme. de Rothschild  in different ways, sometimes serious, sometimes funny.

„Die Posthuman Series entspricht einfach dem Zeitgeist und bringt den kanonischen Werken von Ingres eine neue Dimension.“
Kuratorin: Lily Fürstenow

„The Posthuman Series simply reflects the ZEITGEIST and brings a new dimension to Ingres canonical works“
Kuratorin: Lily Fürstenow 

My Series „Posthuman Studies after Ingres with the Portrait of Mme. de Rothschild“ is a bricolage attributed to Posthuman Thinkers like Rosi Braidotti, Donna Haraway and so on.

The Transformation of the Portrait de Mme. de Rothschild is my starting point.

In my Transhumane Verstrickung (I prefer the german version) I try to give a poetic version of the transhumanism. It’s a labour of bricolage, synthesizing posthumanism, cyberfeminism, materialist feminism, accelerationism, and so on.

And also in  my essays, published in German:

Das kleine Buch zum neuen Denken/Technik und Macht ist Evolution neu gedacht, ISBN 978-3-7460-5451-3

various articles for universities etc.

During the 1990s projects with the art historian and publicist Peter Weiermair

Art books:  Galerie Krinzinger Vienna: art books wwwgalerie-krinzinger-shop at / galerie-krinzinger-buch / Contributions to Hubert Schmalix, Manfred Lang, Ursula Krinzinger, Reimo Wukounig, Hannes Mienek, Tatjana Wirth (name during my first marriage)

Art books: Publications by Prof. Peter Weiermair (catalogs and articles for Art magazines)

Art funding, public and private purchases

Klocker Stiftung in der Galerie Goldener Engl in Hall i. Tirol